Installing WebERP on Linux Server (cPanel)

1. Download the WebERP installation file at the link below.

2. Upload the installation file to the File Manager via FTP. You may follow the article below on how to upload files via FTP.

3. Log into your Cpanel -> MySQL Databases to manually create the Database and Database User.

4. Using FTP or File Manager, go to the folder companies, rename companies/weberpdemo to companies/username_weberpdb (database name you created at Cpanel).

5. Using FTP or File manager, go to Folder sql/mysql/web-demo.sql and sql/mysql/weberp_new.sql and change all instances from companies/weberpdemo.sql to companies/username_weberpdb (database name you created at Cpanel).

Note: Depending either you wish to have demo data or not. If you wish to use demo data, you will have to change companies/weberpdemo.sql else sql/mysql/weberp_new.sql for new database.

6. Go to the installation Page using the URL depending on which folder you have uploaded the installation file. Assume that you have uploaded it at the root folder, the link will

7. Enter the Database Username and Password that you have created at Cpanel. For Linux, Hostname remains as localhost.

8. Enter the Company Name which is the Database Name that you have created at Cpanel -> MySQL database. 

9. Next, enter your email address and password for the login to the system.

10. Click Install.

11. After the installation complete, you will be redirect to the login page and select the Company Name which is your Database Name and login.

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