How to link domain over to Weebly with Website Panel

This guideline prepare for user who subscriber Weebly services and wish to point their domain over.

To point over your domain to mobile website, user are require to change A record for "root domain" and "www" over to weebly recommend IP, either one of the record below will be fined.

Weebly Recommended IP


Here is the step for Website Panel User

  1. Login to website panel via portal (
  2. Select "Domains"
  3. Click on your domain ""
  4. Continue with click on "Edit DNS zone record"
  5. Now there is bundle of list appear on your screen. Please arrange to click on the edit button (pencil image) on record below. It is require to done one by one.


    First Record
    Name : (blank)
    Type : A
    Data : (Web Server IP)

    Second Record
    Name : *
    Type : A
    Data (Web Server IP)

    Third Record
    Name : www
    Type : A
    Data : (Web Server IP)


    May refer to screen shot below.

  6. You are require to change the value under the IP after click on (Edit), there is various of suggested IP from Weebly, you may enter either IP from list below.


    Each line consider as one IP, please DO NOT enter multiple IP inside the column which could caused conflict. You are require to repeat this step for second and third record mentioned under step 5. Below is screen shot for reference.

  7. Click on "Save" button and you have complete the DNS update.

    Please allowed 24 hour for DNS propagation after record added. If you are not sure and confirm about the step, please do send us your request with primary contact email with mentioned you wish to point over your domain to Weebly.
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