How to point domain to Wix from cPanel

In order to point your domain to, you have to upgrade to premium plan. For more information, kindly refer to here.


There are 2 ways to connect your domain to Wix.


First, change the nameserver to


NS1.WIX.COM (IP address

NS2.WIX.COM (IP address



Second, your domain's nameserver is point to our server, change the A record to Wix server's IP. To get the IP, you may need to login to Wix administrator dashboard. 


For more detail information, kindly access here.


Once get the IP,

  1. Login to your cPanel. Scroll down to Domains section

    2. Select your domain from drop down list.

    3. Click Edit of the A Record of your domain name.

  2. Enter the IP Address of  as the Destination.

    5. Click “Edit Record” to save the changes and will need few hours for DNS propagation.
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