Installing Magento on Linux Server (cPanel)

1. Firstly, download the latest version of Magento at Magento official website ( If the link is unreachable (Perhaps Magento has updated the website), kindly go to and search for download section. Download the Full Release version, it might take some time to complete the downloading as the file size is large.

2. Extract the files and upload the files to server via FTP.

3. After uploading, create a MySQL database and user/password for Magento in cPanel. You could refer the following link on how to create MySQL database in cPanel.

How to Create MySQL Database in Cpanel

4. Open your web browser and surf to Magento Installation Wizard page. For instance, if you have uploaded the Magento files to public_html/magento, then the wizard will be allocated at and you will see the below page. Click on I agree to the above terms and conditions and Continue.


5. Select your localization settings and click Continue.

6. Enter your MySQL database information as created in cPanel and other settings.

Host: localhost
Databasename: yourcpanelusername_dbname
User Name: yourcpanelusername_dbusername
User Password: yourcpanelusername_password

7. Enter your preferable admin login detail in order for you to manage Magento in admin panel. Please jot down the login detail as you may need to use it after the installation is completed. Leave the Encryption Key empty.

8. You are done. Copy and save the encrpytion key in a safe place.

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