How to Sync SmarterMail with Blackberry

This article describes the process of downloading and installing the SyncML plugin for the BlackBerry. This will allow the synchronization of calendars, contacts, tasks and notes between a SmarterMail user account and the BlackBerry.

Acquiring The Plug-In

1. Download the plug-in from through the Blackberry browser
2. Once installed find the Funambol Blackberry Plug-in and select the icon
3. You will see a "Welcome to Funambol Blackberry Plug-in" screen
4. Press the Menu key and select Settings


    i. Server location needs to be formatted:
    ii. Enter the Username:
    iii. Enter the accounts password
    iv. Select if you want to Sync Contacts, Calendar, Task, Notes
    v. Select if you want to Enable Scheduled Sync
    vi. Select Sync Direction (Two-Way, One Way: Client to Server, or One Way: Server to Client)
    vii. Select Sync Time Frame if you want to change default setting
    viii. Select Log Level if you want to change default setting
    ix. Select Menu and Save

5. To manually Sync select Menu and Synchronize


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