Creating An E-Mail Account in Netscape

To create a new POP protocol email account using Netscape application, please follow the steps below:

Netscape 7.0:
Create a new account

1. Choose Email account -> "Next" button
2. Insert "Your Name" (e.g test account) and "Email account" (e.g test@ name>) --> "Next"
3. Choose "POP" as "Incoming Server".
Insert "Incoming Server"(e.g and "Outgoing Server" (e.g --> "Next"
4. Insert "Username" (e.g --> "Next"
5. Insert "Account Name:" (E.g test) --> "Next" --> "Finish"
6 It will prompt you password box. So key in your email account password

To enable user to send email to the client:

1. Go to "Edit" then go to "Mail & Newsgroup Account Setting"
2. Go to "Outgoing Server(SMTP) settings" and insert information as below:
Port: 25
Username: (e.g )

Netscape 4.8:
1. Open the Netscape program
2. Select the "Edit" menu
3. Click "Preferences"
4. Click "Mail and News Groups" in the left column.
5. Click "Identity" and enter your name, email address, organization.
6. The "Reply To:" address is only important if you wish the return e-mails to be sent to a different address.
7. Click on "Mail Servers"
8. Click "Add"
9. Under General tab:

a. For incoming mail (POP3 Server) enter ""
b. Select "POP" in the dropdown box
c. Enter your e-mail address in the username field
d. Check mail every 10 minutes. You can set this to a desired level if you wish; 5 minutes can be helpful.

10. Under the "POP" tab:

a. Uncheck "Leave messages on the server"

11. For the "Outgoing mail (SMTP) Server" field:

a. In the "Outgoing mail (SMTP) Server" enter ""
b. Enter the "Outgoing mail server username"

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