How to enable SMTP authentication for Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook 2000

1. Launch Outlook.

2. Under "Tools" select "Services..."

3. Select "Internet Mail (your account name)" and click "Properties" to edit your account.

4. Click the "Servers" tab.

5. Check the "My Server Requires Authentication" check box and the adjacent "Settings" button.

6. Make sure the "Use same settings as my Incoming Mail Server  is checked.

Microsoft Outlook 2002

1. Launch Outlook.

2. Select Tools > E-mail Accounts...

3. Select "View or change email accounts"

4. Click "More settings".

5. Select the "Outgoing Server" tab.

6. Check the "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" box. Make sure the "Use same settings as my Incoming Mail Server" is checked.

7. Click "OK" button. Click "Next". Click "Finish".

Microsoft Outlook 2007

1. Open outlook

2. Go to Tools/Email Accounts

3. Select the Account with the trouble and click Change

4. Click on More Settings

5. Click on Outgoing Server Tab

6. Click "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) requires authentication" and make sure "Use same settings as incoming mail server" is checked.

7. Click on "Advanced Tab"

8. Set outgoing Port (SMTP) to 587 or 25

9. Click Ok and then Test Account Settings.

Microsoft Office 2010

1. Launch Microsoft Office 2010

2. Click File > Info > Account Settings


3. Select Email from the list and click "Change" button

4. Click on "More Setting"

5. Select "Outgoing Server" tab

6. Tick 'My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication

7. Click OK after finish configuration.

8.Click "Next" button.

9. In the "Account Settings" window click "Close"

10. Close Outlook and the relaunch it again.

11. Check the network connection ensure you can sent/receive correctly.

12. Done.

Microsoft Office 2013
1. Launch Microsoft Office 2013.
2. Click "File".
3. Click "Info" from the left side menu.
4. Select the Account Settings.
5. Double click on the email account that you wish to set for.
6. Click "More Settings".
7. Select the "Outgoing Server" tab.
8. Select "My outgoing mail sever (SMTP) requires authentication" and Use same settings as incoming mail server.
9. Click OK.


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