How to Setup POP 3 or IMAP Email account in HTC (Android)

This article will guide you how to setup email account in HTC (Android)

  1. Assuming this is the first account you are setting up an account in  HTC , tap Mail.

    Otherwise, from the Home screen tap on the Mail Icon  -> Menu -> Add Account -> Other (POP3/IMAP)

    2. In the "Add Account" tab, enter your Email address and the associated Password and tap onManual Setup

    3.  Proceed to "Incoming settings" tab,  then choose for the type of Protocol (POP or IMAP)

        Enter your Email address, Username, Password, POP or IMAPserver -> "mail.domainname"

        -> Security Type : None

       Server port -> 110 for POP and 143 for IMAP

       If the webmail comes with SSL -> Security Type : SSL, Server port -> 995 for POP and 993 for IMAP


    4. Tap on Next and proceed to "Outgoing server settings" tab, then check on the box "Login required"

        Enter the Username , Password, SMTP server -> "mail.domainname"

        -> Security Type : None

        Server port -> 587 instead of default 25

        If the webmail comes with SSL -> Security Type : SSL, Server port -> 465


    5. Tap on Next and and enter the Account Name (eg:Company email) , Your name, and may choose on "Make this is my default mail account" if this is a primary account and tap on Finish setup

    6. Your HTC phone is now configured to send and receive your domain email.
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