Outgoing Messages Limit

Below is the Outgoing Messages Limit for each hosting plan: 
Hourly limit: 300, Daily limit: 1000
- EBiz Server (Beginner, Home, Xtudent, Plus, Gold, & Unlimited)
- Cloud S, M & L
- EBiz Power < 200 users
Hourly limit: 1000, Daily limit: 3000
- Semi-Dedicated
- EBiz Platinum 150 and below
- EBiz Power 200 and above
- Cloud XL & XXL
Hourly limit: 2000, Daily limit: 5000
- EBiz Platinum 150 and above

The mentioned limit is based on whichever come across first.

Please do not confuse, the quota limit is still bind with the subscribed package daily limit but not refer to hourly limit multiply with 24.
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