Email attachment limit

Email services had been the means of communication for the people around the world to stay connected to each other either sending in important or casual information which involve business and other type of matters that helps in everyday life.

Emailing system allows us to send attachment of files either images or documents for example but some of us may not aware that there is always a limit set for the size of each email attachment which normally at 50MB.

We have encounter such issue whereby when email was send out and it will be rejected by the recipient server due to the email size had been exceeded by the sender side which user some times are often puzzled as the attachment was not yet even reached the limit set by default(referring to the 50MB).

When your email is rejected due to its size, it is not the attachment size alone that’s causing the issue. Each message contains some overhead, such as the encoding to convert the attachment to text when sent, then back to its original form when received.

The MIME standard introduced by RFC2045 in 1996 provided a framework to encapsulate a message and all its attachments in a single multipart message. This standard uses base64 encoding to convert binary into 7-bit ASCII. The base64 encoding adds up to 30% overhead that is it increments the actual message size with a 4/3 factor.

This link can be the reference for user to get further in dept on the limitation of email attachment.

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