How to subscribe a new folder in Webmail Roundcube

This article will guide you on how to subscribe a new folder in Webmail Roundcube

1)  Login to your webmail with the URL as :

    http://www.YourDomain/webmail/ or http://www.YourDomain:2095

2)  On Folder Actions icon on the corner left, click on Manage folders

3)  Under the Settings tab choose on Folders

4)  To create a new folder click on the icon + and it will prompt a Properties section

5)  Fill in the new Folder Name (eg Inbox_old) and choose on the Parent Folder and Save it


6)  Once you click on Save button, the newly created folder will be successfully subscribed :

7) Finally you will be able to view the folder in the main Roundcube interface as well:

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