Guideline Setup POP3 Account Under Samsung Galaxy Note III

1. Access to Application list and tab on "Email" icon under Apps.

2. If you have not created an email account before this will take you straight to where you start entering in your email information. If you have an existing email account setup, you will need to select the "Menu" button and then "Add Account".

3. Enter the email address you wish to setup and its password into the fields. Then select the "Manual Setup" button.


4. Select POP3 account type account.

If the computer is setup as POP3 then any emails downloaded to the computer will not appear on the phone.
You can also tick the "Leave a copy of emails on the server" tick box on the computer when running POP3 so that emails appear in both locations.

5. Enter in your incoming mail server information:

USERNAME: This will be your full email address
PASSWORD: Your email password
SECURITY TYPE: This can be left as None, but will have no effect on the account either way.
PORT: 110


6. Enter in your outgoing server information:

        SMTP server:
        Security type: None
        Port: 587
Once entered, select "Next"


7. If all your settings correctly verify, you will see a final Account options screen where you can enter additional settings for your email account. Select Next to finish.

8. You have successfully set up your Samsung Galaxy Email Account.

NOTE: Please ensure your smart phone has enable master sync.

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