How to enable SMTP authentication for Windows Mail, Netscape, Eudora, Opera, Mozilla Thunderbird and Entourage

Windows Mail

Open your WindowsMail, go to Tools > Account > select the account >Properties > Server Tab

Under the OutgoingMail Server section check the box My server requires authenticationand click the Settings, select Use same settings as my incoming mailserver



Versions 6.0 and later:

1. Open NetscapeMail. From the Edit menu select Mail & Newgroups AccountSettings. The Account Settings box appears.

2. In the whitearea on the left, select the entry Outgoing Server (SMTP). TheOutgoing Server (SMTP) Settings appear on the right.In the ServerName box enter the entry mail.yourdomainname

3. Verify thatthe Use name and password box is checked. Click on the box to checkit, if it is not checked.

4. In the UserName box enter your email address.

5. Click the OK button on thebottom. Authentication has now been enabled. Please note, you willbe prompted for your password the first time that you send email. Besure to check the box Use Password Manager to remember the password,to avoid having to enter it every time that you send email.

6. For versionsearlier than 6.0, Netscape don't support SMTP Authentication, so westrongly recommend that you upgrade to Netscape 7.x



Versions 4.3and later: SMTP Authentication is already turned on by default.However, if you want to check to make sure it's on:

1. Open Eudoraversion 5 or version 6.

2. From theTools menu select Options. The Options box appears.

3. In theCategory box on the left select the icon Sending Mail.

4. In the boxmarked SMTP server enter mail.yourdomaincom

5. Verify thatthe check-box Allow authentication is checked.

6. Click OK. SMTP authentication hasnow been enabled.

*For versionsearlier than 4.3, Eudora use the SMTP after POP method, we stronglyrecommend that you upgrade to the latest version



1. Openthe Edit active account window from the E-mail menu

2. Clickthe Outgoing tab, and in the Queueing section, select and verify theSend queued e-mail after checking e-mail checkbox is checked.


Mozilla Thunderbird

1. LaunchMozilla Thunderbird.

2. From the Tools menu, select Account Settings.

3. Go to Outgoing Server (SMTP), select the Outgoing mail server profile and select edit.



1. LaunchEntourage.

2. From theTools menu, select Accounts.

3. Click once onthe name of the account you wish to edit. This will highlight theaccount.

4. Click on theEdit button at the top of the Accounts window. DO NOT click on theedit menu at the very top of the screen.

5. In theAccount Settings tab at the bottom of the Edit Account window,change the text to mail.yourdomaincom in the SMTP server box.

6. Click on theClick here for advanced sending options button underneath the SMTPserver box.

7. Place acheckmark in the box next to SMTP server requires authentication.

8. Click on thevery small close box in the upper-left corner of this settingswindow to close it.

9. Click the OK button to close theEdit Account window, and then close the Accounts window. SMTPauthentication has been enabled.

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